June 7, 2016

Spell Gypsy Rose DressSpell Gypsy Rose DressSpell Gypsy Rose DressSpell Gypsy Rose DressOne of my fondest memories is having riverside picnics as a little girl with my family. On a hot summer days, we would walk leisurely to a river near my grandmother’s home with swimsuits, food and blankets in hand. Once there, the first thing we did was place a giant watermelon in a shallow riverbank to chill for a refreshing snack.

This river takes me back to being that girl. I feel free, happy and light. This beautiful rose dress feels so right here. My husband, daughter and I spent a good portion of our afternoon by this river. Watching her play, I saw myself. I hope she has many fond memories of her own someday.

xo, loriann


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